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Case Review

Second opinions are common in most professional disciplines. You would not subject yourself to a serious medical procedure without a consensus of opinion as to course of treatment. By the same token, prior to investing a large sum of money, you would seek competent legal and accounting advice to understand the impact the investment will have on your bottom line. Lingering questions regarding the death or injury of a family member, after the responsible legal authority has investigated it, can be very frustrating. These questions can sometime be the catalyst for change.

Private Autopsy Service, LLC will review any case brought to it by a prospective client, regardless of who originally worked the case up and reached the conclusions that brought you here. An initial telephone consultation will be necessary to determine if we can provide assistance. If it appears our experience, resources and expertise might benefit your case, we will discuss hourly rates and retainer requirements.

Our Physician and Investigator Associates experience includes participation in thousands of autopsies and death investigations. Curriculum vitae information will be provided for serious inquiries.